Window Cleaning

Whether you have a condo, a house, a single-story building, or an office tower, we have the expertise to carry out a tailored cleaning solution that will exceed your expectations.

If you operate a business, the first thing that is likely to draw your visitors’ attention is the floor condition, but the second thing will undoubtedly be the windows. Properly cleaned windows allow more sunlight into your workspace and your home, providing optimum lighting.

We adopted an ecological approach to our cleaning that meets EcoLogo standards, a unique ecological certification established by the Canadian Government. This approach ensures that the products used are biodegradable, safe, phosphate-free, non-carcinogenic and available in recycled and recyclable packaging.

The safest and most efficient service for your dollar.

Our team of franchised contractors has the experience and the necessary certifications to ensure the highest quality of service that is tailored to your specific needs. Our technicians follow strict safety standards and procedures, in addition to being covered by an above industry standards insurance policy. Therefore, you are sure of getting the safest and most efficient service for your dollar.

We offer a complete cleaning service for all types of windows including:

  • Sliding windows (sash or other)
  • Tilting windows
  • Multiple-light windows
  • Fixed windows
  • Single windows
  • Double windows
  • Angled windows
  • Display and storefront windows

Modern provides cleaning services for many business facilities, including office buildings, shopping centers, factories, laboratories, schools, banks, churches, hospitals, community centers and post offices. Trust Modern for your industrial window cleaning needs.